cosMik 10

Professional Studio Condenser Microphone

cosMik 10 is a cardioid condenser microphone that can be universally used for vocals, acoustic guitars, in front of a guitar cabinet and much more.

Desigend to always give dynamic professional studio quality results, cosMik 10 provides world class sound to capture musical details, harmonics, and subtle nuances that get lost easily with many comparable microphones. The low self-noise allows you to capture the whole dynamic range with exceptional detail, making this microphone the universal solution for any recording studio.

Our cosMik 10 with its unique stylish and yet compact body is provided with a table stand, windshield shield foam and an XLR cable so that you can get started right away.

cosMik 10 is available on its own as well as in our U22 XT cosMik Set studio recording bundle (from May 2019).


  • 电容话筒
  • 心形指向
  • 特制1英寸(25.4mm)振膜
  • 30Hz - 18kHz 频率响应
  • > 132dB 动态范围
  • 135dB max. SPL
  • 100 ohm 输出阻抗
  • 5dB self noise (A weighted)
  • +48V 幻象供电
  • XLR 接口,附送线材
  • 附送原装桌面话筒架
  • 附送原装防喷泡沫
  • 重量:约 160g


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